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How to use the console for troubleshooting

How To Use The Console For Troubleshooting

ABOUT THIS: Usually when something is not working as expected there is something blocking the view. Most of the errors will be visible in the console. That being said some may not if the file is not loaded. PURPOSE OF THE CONSOLE As mentioned above: the console shows errors if there is something wrong. If […]

5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Your Online Course

5 Best Wordpress Lms Plugins For Your Online Course

If you’re interested in creating and running your own online courses (LMS) on your membership site, you’re going to need a WordPress LMS, or learning management system, to get things done. An LMS helps you manage all parts of your online course content, including subscriptions, quiz creation and grading, payment handling, and much more. There […]

7 Best WooCommerce Custom Notification Plugins

7 Best Woocommerce Custom Notification Plugins 01

Popup WooCommerce Notification plugins are a powerful tool for website owners and marketers to engage their website visitors and capture leads. These plugins allow website owners to create eye-catching popups triggered by specific user actions, such as scrolling or spending a certain amount of time on a page. Popup notification plugins can be used for […]

How to Easily Install Cloudflare CDN on WordPress

Install Cloudflare Cdn On Wordpress

You’ve decided to use Cloudflare CDN on your WordPress site. This tutorial will teach you how to install it on your WordPress site. Let’s get started! What is a CDN? Why Do You Need a CDN for Your Site? A CDN is a content delivery network. It’s a network of servers that delivers your website’s […]

How to Completely Disable Comments in WordPress (Ultimate Guide)

Completely Disable Comments In Wordpress

Completely Disable Comments in WordPress Are you wondering how to completely disable comments in WordPress? While comments are a great way to engage your site visitors, you might not want to allow comments on your site for a number of reasons. There are a lot of ways you can disable comments, from only on specific […]

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